An “autoshow” will be opened in Córdoba, which will survive the pandemic

Although the project is adapted to the conditions for the spread of quarantine for the new coronavirus, his life is thought beyond the pandemic.

On an area of ​​6,500 square meters in the town of Falda del Carmen, businessman Guillermo Omega will launch a autoshow. It will be located next to the Gran Vadori restaurant, also owned by him.

From the car

The place will have a capacity to house 100 vehicles and will have sanitary and gastronomic facilities. It has two entrances: one on route C-45, which connects Alta Gracia with the highway to Villa Carlos Paz and another on E-96, which goes to the Bosque Alegre Observatory.

The venture already has the approval of the local municipality and would be the first of its kind, after a long time, in the province.

“The municipal mayor himself, Rubén Liendo, accompanied me to the meeting with the representatives of the Emergency Operations Center (COE) in the Santa María department, who highly appreciated the initiative that is now awaiting the resolution of the central COE” Omega commented.

Once the COE was approved, the autoshow It could start working in 20 days.

While the restrictions for the new coronavirus last, the place will adapt its operation to comply with all the prevention protocols established by the COE for this type of activity.


The modality will be with exclusive entry by car for members of the same family group and the descent of the vehicle will not be allowed, except for access to the toilets, which will be disinfected after each use.

Tickets for the shows will be pre-sale and combos with food and drinks can be purchased.

The gastronomic service will be in the form of delivery, with the option of ordering via mobile phone with delivery in the car. This service also complies with all the recommended production and delivery protocols.

“We are designing a letter so that it can be tasted inside the car, in which we are going to maintain the food profile of Gran Vadori,” the businessman anticipated.

Cinema or live

The place will have an eight-meter-long screen with the latest technology, where films or what happens on stage will be shown.

A billboard is being considered that includes the projection of movies from Monday to Friday and on weekends with live musical, theatrical and children’s shows.

The film screenings will be those authorized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (Incaa).

The audio will be transmitted to the vehicles through a very low-power FM station, authorized by the National Communications Authority (Enacom).

The day after

Although the project is intended to function during quarantine, “the restaurant has been closed for two months and this would be an alternative income,” admitted the businessman, his predecessor does not hesitate to take it beyond the pandemic.

“Today we are obliged and we will think about adapting it as much as possible when the health emergency passes,” Omega anticipated.

He ensures that by the area where the property is located, it is possible to have it working, under the modality of summer cinemas, as is done in Europe, even with the option of coming to dinner and seeing a show outdoors.

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