An Argentine laboratory brings the market a new menstrual cup

The cup is one of the alternatives that women can choose to use on menstruation days, in addition to the methods already known

The trends in women’s health they have changed and evolved. Over the years, especially in recent years, they have a number of innovations appeared for menstrual management, but always related to traditionally known methods.

The menstrual cup It is one of the methods that has been talked about the most in recent times. This is one of the most innovative menstrual management products, which in turn is constituted as friendly to the environment, since it helps to combat pollution and reduce the amount of waste.

To the products already present on the market, some national and others imported, now one more is added. From the hand of Elea Phoenix Laboratory The new Evacopa arrives, a menstrual cup made of medicinal silicone, which is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. It is important to mention that it was developed with the highest standards, with materials whose approvals are guaranteed by the most advanced countries in the world and has been manufactured in Argentina.

This new product complies with the regulations of the American Pharmacopoeia for the manufacture of medical devices that ensure their quality and is recommended by the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Buenos Aires. Another important data to take into account is that in its composition it does not have any element of animal origin, in addition to being free of latex, additives, perfumes and toxic dyes.

As for adaptability, it should be mentioned that it is marketed in 3 different sizes. In this way, it can be adapted to the needs of every woman and, thus, it can be present in all the moments of life. From small girls who have their first menstruation, to adult women, with or without children, and so on until the time of menopause. Evacopa will be available soon in all pharmacies in the country to be able to accompany women at all stages of their lives.

“The launch of Evacopa confirms our goal of innovation and to accompany the latest trends in women’s health, providing serious credentials and experience in this field with our family of EVA products ” said Debora Kahn, Director of the OTC Business Unit at the Elea Phoenix Laboratory.

The most natural way to take care of menstrual hygiene

The menstrual cup implies a more natural approach to menstruation, with a greater connection to the cycle, and with the benefit of being ecological. The increase in environmental awareness in recent years is one of the factors that most influences its increasing use.

To make a comparison: a feminine wipe takes hundreds of years to degrade in the environment, It is replaced on average every 4 hours and generates a large amount of plastic waste. Evacopa, the new Elea Phoenix menstrual cup, meanwhile, can be used up to 12 hours straight and lasts more than 5 years. In this sense, it is also more convenient from an economic point of view, due to the length of time.

Various medical investigations have shown that Menstrual cups are safe, having no adverse effects on normal vaginal flora, nor do they cause tissue damage.

According to the results of a study published in 2019 in the scientific journal Lancet Public Health, which analyzed 43 investigations with more than 3,300 women and girls from different countries, the cup is a safe and effective method for menstrual hygiene. At that time, the 73% stated that they wanted to continue using it compared to other methods for menstruation.

A professional opinion

The Dra. Florencia Salort, gynecologist, explained that “the menstrual cup is an excellent alternative for when we are menstruating. “

The fact that it is available in 3 sizes, as mentioned, makes it “possible to adapt to the needs of the woman who begins to use it and to the different types of vagina “. This point is very important, given that not all the methods disseminated so far have that ability to adapt with the benefits of the glass – safety, low impact on the environment, among others.

This means, then, that “They can incorporate it from women who have not yet had sexual relations to those who have already had children”, points out the professional. As long as they choose the right size, of course.

Also, “being made of silicone, does not alter the vaginal florawhich is an advantage for decrease urogenital infections, skin dermatitis or other adverse effects “, explains Dr. Salort, while adding that “it is important to maintain proper hand hygiene when removing, emptying and placing it, thus sterilizing it between the different menstrual periods.”

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