Amid the pandemic, the positive image of Alberto Fernández grows

This is clear from a study by the consulting firm Analogías that was carried out on March 23 to 2,308 people, through telephone interviews

In the midst of the health emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the national government maintains a high level of approval that reaches 79%.

Along these lines, the positive image of President Alberto Fernández appears in an even higher place and scales to 94 points. The head of state is supported in all age segments and in all sociodemographic variables, despite the harsh restrictions imposed by mandatory and preventive social isolation.

This is clear from a study by the Analogías consultancy that was carried out on March 23 to 2,308 people, through telephone interviews in all the provinces of the country.

“The data shows that public opinion perceives that there is a President who has taken the lead in the emergency, who does not hesitate when he has to take certain measures and who acts without improvisation,” says Marina Acosta, director of Analogy Communication.

“Alberto Fernández is showing very strong leadership in managing the crisis that generates confidence in the citizenry,” added Acosta.

According to the consultant, there is majority support for the possibility of extending compulsory isolation (72%), a measure that would be taken at least until April 12.

In addition, the measures receive high approval (94%) which is consistent with optimism about their results (82%) and with the eventual improvement in the health situation in the next 30 days (64%).

In the registry on the fulfillment of the norms on the part of the society, the opinions “are divided” although the affirmation on the individual fulfillment of the respondents is almost full (95%). Similarly, concern about the consequences of the pandemic is very high (92%). The majority opinion is that the health system is not prepared to face the virus (68%) and that more resources should be invested (82%). Respondents also believe that the State is the only one that can guarantee public health in risky situations (68%).

Finally, there is great agreement on implementing “bold and risky” economic policies (71%), as well as postponing all external debt payments (81%). This view coincides with a very pragmatic concern about the highly onerous consequences that the pandemic will have for the stoppage of the activity (89%). The recent subsidy measure for informal workers has significant support (81%).

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