Almost 70 frenetic days of quarantined work

A few days ago I felt the need to express lived feelings, learning and reflections. I started the quarantine without thinking, knowing that very difficult times were coming.

Without excuses or regrets we got to work with all our strength. I thank God for having my parents, brothers and wife, with whom we take on this challenge.

They were intense and long days, full of challenges that we carried out with the commitment of the members of Familia Parra. It is remarkable how efforts are enhanced when you put your heart and passion overflows.

The days passed, we shared scenarios, problems, certainties and insecurities. We outlined a plan to achieve financial coverage that allowed us to meet our commitments; We work with our collaborators in actions that reinforce the energies and processes to find the best way out.

This crisis full of uncertainty reminds me of 2001; not in the reasons, but in that the only certainty is that you have to act quickly, with a single objective: to save the company and the jobs.

In this process, the role of business institutions is key. I participated in meetings of numerous entities, in which committed leaders propose actions that help the private sector. In that maelstrom I thought of the need and importance that this genuine work, the time and effort that is generously invested in generating solutions to common problems, be valued. Unfortunately, many times they seem to be left behind and the channels of media claims are worth more than the formal ones. The challenge is to generate participation mechanics so that we are taken into account for the solution of common issues.

It is the private sector that generates employment, investment and mobilizes the economy. It is affirmed that without growth of the companies there is no possible economic progress; which does not always translate into concrete actions.

Efforts, risks, and bureaucracy discourage and hinder entrepreneurial development. The sources of work are undervalued, without dimensioning what it costs to put and keep alive an SME in Argentina.

To come out without death wounds and survive in this context, you must face wages, social charges, structural expenses and working capital obligations.

There was emergency support and aid, but a great deal of public-private work is still needed to create mechanics for what remains. Companies, sources of employment, are very fragile.

It is fair to note that officials from different portfolios took note of our claims. And also that while we juggle, it generates dismay and discouragement some qualifications or initiatives that seek that the aid is not totally disinterested; putting at risk the effort of years of work.

The efficiency of the State and its economic weight on the private sector deserve an analysis and design of concrete solutions.

We passed almost 70 days and it is still missing. The only way out is for us all to contribute effort. We hope to have the strength and illumination of God to do it together, bringing out the best in us.

* Entrepreneur and leader

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