ALBERTO spoke about the end of the QUARANTINE: how is it going on?

The President revealed that on April 13 there will be no end to social isolation, but a gradual solution will be sought

President Alberto Fernández assured on Monday night that the quarantine after April 13 is not going to end, but is going to “become more flexible”Because “all the effort that was made” to avoid contagion in recent weeks “should not be lost”.

“The quarantine will continue, what we are going to do (after April 13) is to make it more flexible,” the national president said in statements to the TN channel.

At the beginning of the last week of mandatory isolation, Fernández explained that on Tuesday he will head a new conference with governors to begin to define together what activities will begin to work from April 13.

As it was learned from official sources, this virtual meeting will take place at 17:00.

“We are feeling that we are a little better, because we are a little better (because of the quarantine), but we have to be careful. Therefore, we never have to talk about ending the quarantine,” stressed the head of state.

“Tomorrow we have a conference call with all the governors to see where we are,” said the President.

At once, He stressed that he will meet with the CGT, the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) and the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Service (CAC) to go “making decisions together”.

“The classes will surely not return. We cannot congest public transport,” emphasized the national president, ruling out that schools will begin operating in the coming weeks. .

Meanwhile, Fernández referred to criticism from some sectors of the opposition and considered that “it is not fair to say that they are all the same.”

The national president highlighted the joint work and the predisposition of opposition leaders such as Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Jorge Macri, Diego Valenzuela, Guillermo Montenegro and Néstor Grindetti, among others.

However, he pointed out without naming him against Mauricio Macri’s former chief of staff, Marcos Peña, for the attacks on social networks.

“Everyone knows who is the head of the trolls, everyone knows it,” said Fernández.

Controversy over the purchase of food

Fernández announced that “the purchase of food made by the Ministry of Social Development at prices higher than the reference prices” is not going to be paid, and warned that if there was an “act of corruption” it will be the first to “persecute” it.

“I asked the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, which he has already done and will be published tomorrow, that no purchase can be made without respecting the maximum prices that the state sets,” Fernández said.

In this regard, he explained that the purchase for almost 400 million pesos that this Monday sparked the controversy has not yet been paid and will not be made for that amount that exceeded the reference prices.

“It is not going to be paid, and if someone wanted to do what they should not do, take charge,” said Fernández, and completed: “This will not happen, I will not allow what is not paid to be paid. to pay”.

The head of state assured that he believes “in the honesty” of the Minister of Social Development, Daniel Arroyo, but stressed that if there was any “act of corruption” in the purchase of food, he will be the first to persecute him.

“I believe in the honesty of Daniel Arroyo, who also decided to open an investigation in the Ministry to see what happened”Fernández explained.

In declarations to the Todo Noticias (TN) channel, the national president maintained: “If there was an act of corruption, the first one who is going to pursue the corrupt is the President. I have no intention of remedying it.”

Meanwhile, the President affirmed that he “was concerned that the companies stood up and did not want to lower prices.”

“This speaks of the carterization of certain sectors, which even at times like those we live in” lower their prices, he complained.

And I add: “I felt very bad. It can’t be that someone comes up to the State and says ´I won’t sell you if you don’t pay me what I want´

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