Alberto Fernández affirmed that he will not allow dismissals during a pandemic

The President assured that “he will not leave” the “miserable” employers to cut their staff in the midst of the coronavirus crisis

President Alberto Fernández branded this Sunday as “miserable” businessmen who fire personnel amid the coronavirus pandemic in Argentina and warned them that he will not allow them to make those decisions.

“Some miserable people forget those who work for them and fire them in the crisis,” denounced the President, who warned them: “Pope Francis spoke to those miserable people and now I tell them I will not let them do it.”

“As I said in the G20, no one can save himself. You have to show solidarity, put yourself in the other’s place and help them,” the head of state said on his twitter account.

The head of state harshly criticized businessmen who anticipated layoffs due to the economic crisis generated by the expansion of the coronavirus.

On the social network, the head of state shared the message that Pope Francis recorded to demand that companies not hire staff during the pandemic.

Although he did not personalize his criticism in any company, the President’s harsh reaction came two days after one of the main companies in Argentina, Techint, announced that this Monday it will fire 1,450 workers from its construction company.

Although from the company chaired by Paolo Rocca they were concerned to clarify that the staff will be “re-hired” as soon as the private works slowed by the quarantine are resumed, the concrete fact is that until now the holding company had decided to cancel these contracts due to the fall of the main projects in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Tucumán and Neuquén.

From Techint Engineering and Construction they had explained to the NA agency that “when the projects start again, the staff will be taken again to carry them out. The essence of the company is to carry out these projects. We hope to be able to resume them as soon as possible”.

But in the face of the harsh presidential reaction, it is awaited that the Ministry of Labor in charge of Claudio Moroni may adopt some measure to try to stop these terminations of contracts.

Fernández launched several tweets on Sunday morning, before meeting with the committee of experts to evaluate the progress of compulsory social isolation aimed at mitigating the spread of COVID-19 virus infections in the country.

The head of state took advantage of the presence on the networks to respond to some messages from the people and reinforce the request to respect the quarantine.

In response to the gratitude that the group Aerografía de Barrio sent him, with a painting about the President, Fernández replied: “Take good care of yourselves! Do not leave your homes. I love you very much. Thank you from the heart for the love you give me. I hug you from a distance. “

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