Aid to MONOTRIBUTISTAS means 550 million dollars

The Government tries to alleviate the impact of the quarantine on the sectors that suffer the collapse of income: even so, the informal ones remain vulnerable

Alberto Fernández understands that the resolution of the crisis caused by the pandemic will be resolved “Step by Step”. With primary care for those most in need. “We started with the reinforcement for the retirees of the minimum and the beneficiaries of the AUH, and now we attend to the monotributistas and informal. In the next few hours there will be more announcements,” says an official source participating in decision-making.

That same official advances: “Now we are going to regulate the Repro -to be able to subsidize part of the wages of the companies- and we are also going to the aid of the SMEs, which find it very difficult to pay taxes on work.”

In fact, the announcement on Monday night a doubling of aid direct that the Casa Rosada had announced last week.

A grant of $ 3,100 was then executed for the beneficiaries of the AUH and $ 3,000 for the retirees of the minimum. The fiscal cost for these concepts reached about $ 37,000 million. To which we will have to add the $ 36,000 million of what was announced yesterday Monday.

To spend it in dollars, the sending of funds currently totals around US $ 1.1 billion, just 0.3% of GDP. In total, some 13 million Argentines will receive these funds.

Specifically, the announcement featuring the ministers Martín Guzmán (Economy) and Claudio Moroni (Work) consisted of:

-Emergency Family Income (IFE)

-Amount: $ 10,000 (in April, with the possibility of an extension in May)

-Universe: monotributistas (categories A and B), monotributistas sociales, informal workers, beneficiaries of Universal Allowance for Child or Pregnancy or PROGRESAR. Benefits: 3.6 million households

-The amount of the IFE is $ 10,000 and is carried out for a single time in the month of April, although it may be repeated during the month of May “if circumstances warrant it.”

-The payment date will be mid-April.

-For those who do not have a bank account, the beneficiaries may collect in the Argentine Post Office, after completing the procedure by ANSES.

The monotributistas reached by the measure are those with turnover of up to $ 303,000 in the year. That is, about $ 25,250 per month. And those who now have lost their turnover due to the forced quarantine.

The decision to move forward in social announcements was generated by the concern that the mayors of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area transferred to Alberto Fernández before the weekend.

In this context, the President summoned the economic and social team – led by Guzmán and Daniel Arroyo – to evaluate concrete measures.

According to what iProfesional could know, the officials concluded that money should be brought to the most vulnerable workers due to the crisis – those who lost their turnover due to quarantine – and food should be moved to the most needy areas.

For that very reason, the Executive will use the Armed Forces to make more effective the distribution of bags with food in the most neglected towns. There where the changas disappeared due to the quarantine decreed in the middle of the pandemic.

Concern about the acts of violence in several neighborhoods of the suburbs (Ituzaingó and San Martín), which included confrontations between the Police and citizens, hastened the decision of palliative measures due to the sudden stoppage of the activity, which is adding to an economy that was already locked.

“I care more about the health of the people than the economy. Rest assured at home that we are going to spend whatever it takes to make sure everyone is well,” said the head of state.

Incidentally, he left the entrepreneurs a phrase that generated concern on a camera: “If they have to earn a little less, that’s not a problem,” he told them.

Since the crisis erupted, the Government launched several direct assistance measures:

-Extra payment of the AUH

-Bonus amount: $ 3,103

-Benefits: 4.35 million

-Bonus for retirees and pensioners

-Bonus amount: $ 3,000

-Universe: For those who receive a single minimum credit

-Benefits: 4.65 million recipients

-Bonus for recipients of social plans

-Bonus amount: $ 3,000

-Universe: 556 thousand people who earn half the minimum wage.

And now comes Emergency Family Income.

Do you achieve with this measure?

At the Casa Rosada they resist answering that question. They know that, so far, it seems insufficient for the historic collapse that economic activity has (and will have).

Officials recognize two things: that in a few days a titanic assistance task was launched, in a plan that was not in anyone’s calculations.

And that in the next days there will be a greater state effort to alleviate the debacle.

Repro regulation is still lacking (so that the most committed private companies have a relief in the payment of wages). And the tax postponement of social charges for SMEs is missing, something already compromised.

The recognition of the administration officials is that they are very attentive to the requirements of the mayors of the suburbs and also to the needs of the provinces most compromised by the crisis.

The Casa Rosada, aware of the fiscal limitations, has shown that it takes these limitations into account. The measures announced so far have little to do with the boldness of Macron and even Donald Trump himself, who promised to send citizens a check to spend in the midst of the crisis.

Neither France nor the United States are similar to Argentina, but what is needed is a very solid containment network to avoid major social problems.

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