After three months, Córdoba resumes meat shipments to the United States

The first shipment, after 20 years, was at the beginning of last December and its weekly frequency had been maintained until mid-February, when the crisis due to the new coronavirus began to take on dimensions.

Next week, and after three months of stoppage, the Logros refrigerator will resume sales of beef cuts premium To united states. More precisely to Miami, in the state of Florida, to the chain of restaurants and market Graziano’s.

“It will be a first shipment of eight tons to be shipped by air to Miami,” confirmed Mariano Grimaldi, owner of the refrigerator located in Río Segundo, the only one enabled in the province for that market.

The export will be made from Buenos Aires through the Atlas air logistics company. Until the last shipment in February, the shipment to Miami was made from Ambrosio Taravella airport through America Airlines. But the American company stopped making the connection on May 6.

In the United States, the Covid-19 pandemic is at its best. With more than 1.2 million inhabitants infected and with around 73,000 deaths, the largest economy on the planet makes the effort to stay within the highest normality. Some states have launched phased reopening plans for their businesses since May, with strict security protocols.

In the case of Florida, one of the states with the highest number of infections, activities are still restricted in the areas with the highest population,

“Although the importer has restaurants closed, activities in the United States have begun to relax. Has the market open, where he offers the meat, and, as he already sold out the stock available, decided to buy again, “said Grimaldi.

Graziano’s is a company owned by the Argentine Mariano Graziano that has five restaurants and six food sales outlets gourmet in Miami, where he sells 60 thousand kilos of meat per month.

Along with shipments of high-value, boneless cuts such as tenderloin, broad steak, narrow steak, top, rump, and fingerfish, the novelty is that front cuts (rib, matambre, and void, among others) will now also integrate volume To united states.

In recent days, an importer from Philadelphia has also asked the local refrigerator for business conditions for a 25-ton container.

Due to the retraction shown by consumption in the United States, the price of exported meat has decreased by around 30 percent. Of the $ 10,000 a ton that was listed at the beginning of the year, its current value is around $ 7,000.

In addition to shipping to the United States, Logros will ship to Germany next week the last 30 tons of the Hilton quota quota allocated to it for the business year ending June 30.

“We are going to comply with the shipment of the 830 tons that had been assigned to us in the last distribution of the quota. Although there is little movement in Europe, the relationship we have with the German importer allowed us to carry out the operation, “said Grimaldi.

At a national level, Europe’s 30 thousand tonne quota would be breached again due to the health crisis in their countries.

China Shopping: Meat and Bone Meal

The refrigerator diversifies its export offer to that country.

With a slaughter level –10 thousand heads per month–, which represent 60 percent of its production capacity, the Logros refrigerator divides its activity during the pandemic between a lowered export and a greater presence in domestic consumption.

Days ago, it made a shipment to Peru and maintains China as the main external buyer. The offer to the Asian giant is not just meat; It also includes bone meal, which is used as a balanced food. During April, the refrigerator sent China 600 tons of this by-product.

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