After the appearance of the first coronavirus case, the Government of Salta has already adopted a series of measures to avoid possible infections

Barely the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Salta, Governor Gustavo Sáenz decided to meet the crisis committee to evaluate the steps to follow. After analyzing the situation, the provincial authority quickly made drastic decisions: suspend mass transportation, close schools and shopping malls and prohibit the permanence in public places. All these measures will take effect from midnight.

“Dear Salteños, unfortunately I have to inform you that we have the first case of coronavirus in our province. This motivates us to have to take extreme safety and health measures. So I have made the decision to suspend mass transportation service, with the exception of people who provide services in the health system, both public and private, and in the security system“Saenz’s message began, which was spread through the official networks of the Government of Salta.

“I want to make a separate paragraph for them, thank them for the commitment and responsibility with which they are working and tell them that this transport will be free for them these days,” he continued, referring to the health system workers.

Then, the Governor elaborated on the strict measures of social isolation, which will come into force a few hours after his announcement, more specifically from midnight: “I also want to tell the people of Salta that we are going to prohibit the permanence in public places throughout the provincial territory and that the Police will be vigilant to comply with this prohibition. Let’s do a strict control on income to our province. I have also made the decision of the total closure of shopping malls, shopping centers and schools, guaranteeing children the food system. They are measures that will take effect from 12 midnight today. I urge you to understand that you have to be responsible and you have to isolate yourself. ”

“We are fighting an invisible enemy. And to fight something invisible, we all have to be closer together than ever, but in our homes. Let’s not leave our houses, let’s be completely isolated these days. It is the only way. I want to ask you from the heart, to you who are listening to me: stay in your house. Do it for your old men, do it for your grandparents, do it for your brothers, for your friends. But above all things do it for you and your country, “concluded the Governor.

The first case of contagion in Salta soil has as protagonist a 40-year-old man who arrived in the country from Madrid, Spain, six days ago. The patient is a lawyer known in the judicial environment of that province and is admitted to the Altos de Salta Clinic of Swiss Medical.

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