AFIP extends the fiscal fair until May 24: what is involved

The measure reaches ex-officio determinations, summaries, fines, discharges, closings, payment intimations and inspection requirements, among others.

The Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) announced that it will extend the tax fair until May 24, inclusive.

“During the validity of the preventive and compulsory social isolation, extended by the national government, the suspension of the computation of the terms in force for the taxpayers in different administrative procedures will continue. The measure reaches ex officio determinations, summaries, fines, releases, closings , intimations of payment and inspection requirements, among others, “indicated from the agency.

Then they clarified that the decision does not imply no modification or extension Over the maturities of taxes.

“A fiscal fair consists of the extension of all procedural deadlines in tax, customs and social security matters. Throughout the period defined in General Resolution No. 4713/2020, which will be published in the Official Gazette, no they suspend the actions of the AFIP “, they indicated.

However, during its validity, the calculation of the deadlines that govern the taxpayers’ response to the requirements of the agency is suspended.

“Although during the fiscal fair the validity of the procedural terms is suspended, the resolution enables the AFIP to continue with the inspection procedures that are carried out based on the information provided by the OECD on accounts of Argentines abroad. The regulations provide the possibility of moving forward with these processes because they are of institutional importance and compromise fiscal interest in the context of the current emergency context, “they clarified.

The AFIP decided to extend the fiscal fair until May 24, inclusive

Help to pay salaries: AFIP extension

In parallel, AFIP announced the one-week extension of the maturities for the presentation and payment of the determinative sworn statements of contributions and contributions destined for social security.

“The new schedule established in the normative search to ease the access to the benefits provided by the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production“they reported from AFIP.

The dates for employers to complete the forms and cancel the obligations will be May 18, 19 and 20, 2020, inclusive.

The agency authorized for these procedures the computer tools that allow employers to impute the reduction or postponement of the SIPA component of employer contributions corresponding to the period accrued in April.

The new schedule established in the AFIP regulations seeks to facilitate access to ATP benefits

In addition, the AFIP provided for the possibility of making a corrective statement for those employers who had already made the presentation.

Thus, they have time until May 31 to enter the rectification. In this way, “the body guarantees access to benefits,” they indicated.

The Government expanded the scope of the ATP

The Government expanded the scope of ATP program to 779 sectors of the economy, and will cover through the Complementary Salary the April salary of two million workers.

Also I know modified the billing criterian employee to define a company’s access to ATP benefits, which will also expand the universe of companies and workers reached.

Likewise, it was decided that the companies created this year will directly access the Program, and firms with more than 800 employees who meet the requirements and conditions were enabled to avail themselves of the benefits of the Complementary Salary.

Through administrative decision 721/2020 published in the Official Gazette, the Chief of Cabinet decided to adopt the recommendations of the ATP Evaluation and Monitoring Committee to extend the scope of the program’s benefits.

The Committee carried out a reevaluation of sectors that were not incorporated in previous minutes in order to identify activities in which significant drops in billing are noted, due to the health emergency in order to be beneficiaries of the Program.

As a consequence of this analysis, they joined the Program 109 activities, which raised the total from 660 to 779, and thus all the industry and commerce are reached.

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