AFIP extended enrollment in the ATP program for companies

Thanks to the Emergency Work Assistance Program, the national State pays part of the salary of employees of private companies

The Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) extended to May 26 the deadline to register for the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP), which helps companies pay staff salaries.

Employers requiring state assistance must register to get the benefit, even those who had performed the procedure last month, Impositiva said in a statement released today.

The program is one of the tools provided by the Government to cushion the economic impact generated by the crisis of coronavirus.

Around 250 thousand employers have already registered on the AFIP website to access the new stage of state assistance for the payment of the wages of more than 3 million workers.


Employers must register on the AFIP website to receive ATP assistance.

The agency reported that after finishing the registration period and loading of economic information, it will evaluate what benefits each company may access.

The access criteria provided in the program ATP They were established by the Evaluation and Monitoring Committee.

Companies must carry out one of the activities contemplated by the regulations and their turnover between April 2019 and April 2020 may not register a variation greater than 5%.

Employers who have not yet registered must inform each worker’s unique bank password and the information is uploaded through the “Registry Simplification” web service.

The ATP program was launched by the Government in April, as the quarantine was extended, with the aim of preserving jobs in the activities most affected by the pandemic.

This week is the enrollment stage to be part of the program to pay May salaries and for this reason some companies did not deposit all of their salaries while waiting to see if they are eligible by the AFIP for the State to pay a part of wages.

UIA: “This crisis is worse than that of 2001”

Industrial businessman José Urtubey considered today that the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the country “is worse than that of 2001”, and consequently estimated that the assistance of the National State to companies should continue in the coming months.

“In 2001 there was a local problem, punctual, but now we have a global problem. After that year we had the upward trend in raw materials, which benefited Latin America for a decade. On the contrary, now, the trend I don’t think is bullish “said the member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA).

In radio declarations, Urtubey also estimated that Argentina’s GDP will fall “6 or 7%” this year, and assured that this “marks the need that the policies and measures that are implemented are not going to be exhausted in May. We are going to have to search and prioritize, because resources are scarce. ”

“I think that Argentina, prior to the pandemic, was in a very bad economic situation: very high inflation, strong indebtedness. And the recovery will be slow. Unfortunately, we are going to have few resources and so, unlike 2001, not only we are beaten internally but also internationally “, he emphasized.

The industry that supplies the domestic market suffered the hit of the pandemic.

The industry that supplies the domestic market suffered the hit of the pandemic.

Controversy over the nationalization of companies

On the other hand, Urtubey questioned the project of the pro-government deputy Fernanda Vallejos, who suggested that the National State should take part in the actions of the companies that received public assistance to pay wages.

“Firstly, I don’t think it’s an official position. Secondly, I think those sayings don’t have depth and don’t make sense, because it’s not that there were company bailouts. It’s almost the same as the individuals who that they were given assistance, then they were forced to do certain jobs, “he evaluated.

And he added that state assistance was given “because it was strategically chosen that some chains continue and others do not, but speaking of a rescue I think it is very strong. And assistance certainly does not give rights to such a reaction.”

Finally, the businessman estimated that the exchange market will stabilize “if the debt is fixed.”

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