According to the Foreign Ministry, only 10% of the Argentines who were stranded abroad when the quarantine began return

More than two months after the start of the quarantine, which among other issues involved the closure of borders, There are still 20,000 Argentines stranded abroad. According to the Foreign Ministry, that figure represents 10% of the people who were waiting for their return, who would be repatriated in the first weeks of June.

The Chief of Staff of the Chancellery, Guillermo Justo Chaves, explained this Tuesday how is the situation of Argentines who are stranded abroad and the status of repatriation flights. In dialogue with Channel 9 Televida de Mendoza, the official stated that “It only remains to return 10% of the 210 thousand Argentines who were abroad” since the coronavirus pandemic was unleashed and airports and borders were closed.

As he explained, the 20 thousand Argentines “who have not yet returned could do so between now and the first weeks of June.” In addition, he recalled that the process that led to “restrictions on the entry of Argentines, based on the DNU issued by President Alberto Fernández for the health emergency, back on March 19 it was established because the virus clearly entered by air transport. ”

“That made entry restricted and that was how Argentines and Argentines who were abroad, who had gone to study or to seek other work horizons, were prevented from returning,” added the head of the Foreign Ministry Cabinet.

Chaves emphasized that “We had to comply with a certain protocol to prevent the infection of the Argentines who were here, neither more nor less than the 44 million.” By limiting the income “between 400 and 500 passengers per day, a funnel was generated,” the official said, but explained that “we have managed to return, either by land passes or by Ezeiza, a figure close to 200,000 Argentines and There are still 20 thousand left. ”

On the distressing situation of the stranded, he stated that “The Argentine Government is fully aware of the complex situation that many of those who have not yet been able to return go through, even because they are experiencing financial difficulties.” In addition to people who had traveled for tourism, Argentines who lost their jobs abroad due to the closures of shops due to the different quarantines and the critical situation of the world economy were noted for repatriation flights.

In this regard, he stressed that this “task requires enormous organization.” “Sometimes they understand us and sometimes they don’t. We, of course, We understand that wanting to return when you cannot generate a situation of great anguish, but we explain that it is a temporary impossibility, “he added.

Chaves maintained that these restrictions are for “the good of all” and emphasized that “after a while it will be a sad memory for everyone. “To those who are outside I ask for a little more patience ”, he completed.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry official announced that “During the month of June we will finish returning to all those who wait to return”. Regarding the pending operations, he said that in the last hours the negotiations with Air New Zealand had been renewed to allow the return of the Argentines stranded in Australia and New Zealand and stated that, in about two weeks, “Rest assured that everyone will be here.”

Finally, he returned to “ask them for a little more patience” and guaranteed that “soon, each and every Argentine will be in the country.” “That was the commitment of President Alberto Fernández and Foreign Minister Felipe Solá,” he stressed.

Starting last Saturday and until May 30, about 4 thousand Argentines were scheduled to return on 21 repatriation flights that are bringing those who are in Europe, the United States and Mexico.

Through a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs detailed the 21 flights that began to arrive at Ezeiza airport from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Mexico City, San Pablo, Lima, Rome, Frankfurt, Madrid, Quito, Miami , Paris, Atlanta and Cancun.

Facing the flights in June, the Foreign Ministry reported that the focus will be on the Argentines who are in Cancun, Madrid and Miami.

In all these cases, they should not comply with the quarantine in hotels as soon as they enter the country. The City Government ordered this measure last Friday and indicated that returnees must isolate themselves in their homes.

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