A truck with 21 tons of meat overturned in Rosario and neighbors tried to loot it

A truck carrying about 200 half cattle broke an axis and overturned Wednesday at noon in the southern area of ​​Rosario. Dozens of neighbors tried to take the load away and there were incidents with the local security forces.

Clashes lasted about seven hours in Circunvalación avenue and Oroño boulevard. Some of the people waiting there threw stones at the police and the gendarmes, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The truck overturned and was guarded by the police. (Photo: courtesy Rosario3)

In the midst of the incidents, they attacked television mobiles, including those of Litoral Television Y Channel 5. A worker was injured in the head with a stone, he said. Rosario3.

Neighbors waited to try to take the load away. (Photo: courtesy Rosario3).
Neighbors waited to try to take the load away. (Photo: courtesy Rosario3).

“We are not people who come to steal. We are experiencing a difficult economic situation and we want them to donate the meat before they throw it away,” some residents told the newspaper. Clarion.

There were runs and incidents. (Photo: courtesy Rosario3)
There were runs and incidents. (Photo: courtesy Rosario3)

“We come out of necessity, we are from Las Flores neighborhoods,” said a man who arrived on horseback Three.

The incidents began when Senasa officials determined that the cargo was suitable to be transferred to another vehicle and continue the trip to Salta. The second truck arrived after 6 p.m. and operators of a local refrigerator transferred the merchandise, protected the security forces and in the midst of new runs.

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