A prosecutor licensed staff at risk from the coronavirus

Social Security prosecutor Gabriel De Vedia decided to unilaterally license older people with risk factors

While waiting for the Supreme Court of Justice to decide whether to decree a fair for the entire Judiciary, as officials and lawyers have been asking for the overcrowding of the courts that make them a possible focus of contagion of the coronavirus, individual initiatives are already emerging .

Social Security prosecutor Gabriel de Vedia licensed his staff until March 31.

The prosecutors’ offices reached by the measure are 1, of which De Vedia is the head, and 3, where the official is a surrogate prosecutor.

The personnel of the prosecution offices reached by the quarantine is the following:

-Those who have reached the age of 60 or more as of the effective date of the resolution or who have completed it during its validity.

-Pregnant or lactating women.

-People with immune depression of any origin.

-People with diabetes.

-Officials and employees with kidney failure.

-Hypertensive people or people with cardiovascular diseases.

-With a history of chronic respiratory pathology or studying respiratory infections.

-People who prove a risk situation not mentioned so far, for themselves or for third parties.

De Vedia made the caveat that this March 31 deadline may change if the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, an agency on which the National Public Ministry reports, sets another date for the quarantine of prosecutors and other employees of the prosecutors’ offices.

Finally, De Vedia communicated his resolution to his superiors in the Public Prosecutors’ offices of the Social Security jurisdiction and in the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

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