a new social hegemony breaks in

This pandemic is the opportunity for a new beginning and allows us to rethink working modalities and new modes of socialization.

Taking into account the serious situation that the world is going through as a consequence of the pandemic and the obligatory social isolation imposed by our Government, Social, economic and fiscal measures are being put in place to mainly alleviate the critical situation of the most affected sectors of the population.

In this regard, we believe that consensus and hundreds of measures are required that will completely change our socio-economic system.

However, and without going into detail about the measures being adopted, we understand that it is important to make the following observations.

The new paradigm

This pandemic that has put us all in isolation is perhaps the opportunity for a new beginning in our way of life that allows us to rethink ways of working and new ways of socializing. These cycles that humanity has had to go through from time to time have been promoters of change.

Talking about a new paradigm implies a resounding change, because what is coming is something new; the challenge of being in a world that is not ideal, with new obstacles and objectives that we must face as.

Morals and ethics must now prevail; not only responding to the legal order, but thinking of a broader concept related to the values ​​of the human being within society.

It is in this new society that begins to build on the basis of misfortunes, sacrifices, dreams, hopes, where we must give our maximum energies to make this country and this world a place where the ethical principles prevail that allow us to advance as a civilized society. Ethics seems to be looming in a world health emergency situation; Hopefully this looming is the start of a new construction.

On the tax system and income redistribution

For the creation of the tax system that the country needs, it is necessary to emphasize ethical postulates, since they will provide us with a referential framework for the structuring of the Argentine tax system.

Ethics should affect taxes and the tax system, and the consequent redistribution of the proceeds, in the understanding that the interconnection of these concepts (taxation and redistribution) must be a limiting principle in the construction of a just society. The final cause of the tax refers to the fair redistribution of resources and its absence is what produces the great differences between the members of the community.

The strengthening of institutions is achieved through a necessary political representation that acts moved to defend the common good and that recognizes the moral equality of people to promote the direct and effective participation of all citizens that make up society.

Concluding, in our country it is essential to move towards an Economic and Social Pact where all the actors in society intervene organized for this purpose (political parties, unions, social organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions, citizens, etc.), to correct the iniquities presented by the current tax and income redistribution system, with the State acting as arbitrator applying , if necessary, interventionist policies, but not arbitrarily directive.

That the path to unity that has been staged is not a mirage, but an unavoidable reality, thus creating a new political, economic and social paradigm.

By Ernesto Carlos Celdeiro, former Vocal of the Fiscal Court of the Nation, and Marcela Vittar, licensed in psychology

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