A judge from Quilmes assured that 176 rapists have already been released with the excuse of the coronavirus

Judge of Criminal Enforcement No. 1 of the Quilmes Department, Julia Márquez, revealed that since the beginning of the quarantine ordered by the Government, 176 rapists were released and an even more alarming fact: The same number of releases was granted in a single day as in a whole year.

The magistrate noted her concern over the phenomenal growth in requests for habeas corpus to release prisoners and summed it up very graphically: “Requests are multiplying. Up to four orders can be received by one criminal. We could not print all the orders in one working day; we are printing from 8 in the morning until 8 at night

In statements to Radio Miter, The judge revealed that according to official data from the Court of Cassation, in 2018 160 home prisons and 2,600 conditional or assisted liberties were granted. While in the last month that number reached 2,458. He even revealed a more worrying fact: “Between April 27 and 28, 176 criminals were released” In other words, in just 24 hours more prisoners benefited than in a whole year.

Márquez revealed other numbers that generate fear. “Since all this began, 1,076 people with property crimes, 276 with crimes against people and 176 with convictions for crimes against sexual integrity (abusers and rapists) have been released. ”.

Although the judge did not have the information segmented by parole or house arrest, she was able to confirm that all the criminals who have been released until now “Their grief was not expired, they were benefited”.

When asked about the controversy surrounding the official numbers, the judge asked that the statistics be shown and compared. “I do not know why they are not shown, those numbers are public,” he denounced and asked to evaluate this situation seriously.

This is all absurd. As a person who enters prison for serious crimes, now leaves prison committing another crime, because a riot is a crime. They continue to use violence to achieve what they want and we as automata sign that. It’s real madness“He added.

Regarding the requests that are being processed for home liberties, which often do not meet the necessary requirements to provide the benefit, Márquez acknowledged that in his court many times they try to skip it. “In my court no one leaves if we do not have all the necessary elements. But it is true that many times they go habeas corpus directly to the Chamber who decides to grant conditional liberties

In this sense, he recalled a case of an offender imprisoned for gender-based violence who received freedom from home without his address listed. “That is not legal. A fundamental element is having an address, verifying and receiving it, because in many cases the family does not want to receive it. You cannot give a house arrest without knowing if that domicile exists, because after the pandemic passes, I am going to look for the criminal to fulfill the rest of the sentence, and the domicile does not exist. Here are questions that are common sense, criteria“He emphasized.

Finally, the judge was consulted on the political responsibility of the Executive Power and the possible existence of some type of influence on the releases or benefits to the detainees. “I cannot assure that there is such-and-such instruction, but a government takes office on December 10 and the next day the Court makes a habeas corpus where the humanitarian crisis is declared based on the reports of the Court of Cassation, ”he said.

“The Judiciary cannot solve the problems of the Executive Power. If the Executive does not like to make prisons, it is the Executive’s problem. Regardless of the tastes of politicians, there are needs and they cannot be based on what you like, but on what is needed. If there are people in prison it is because crimes are committed, we do not invent causes. We cannot thus liberate and accentuate impunity, because the only thing that is done is to feed transgressive behaviors“he concluded.

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