A fireball crossed the sky of the City and the suburbs

A ball of fire crossed the sky of the City and the southern Buenos Aires suburbs and surprised a few lucky people who could see the astronomical phenomenon.

The curious event occurred around 6:20 pm last Thursday and was captured in images by several people, including Lucas Coronel, a neighbor who was with his partner and his mother-in-law in the patio of the family house located in the town of Temperley.

“We were drinking mate and suddenly we saw a fireball in the sky,” said the young man in dialogue with NA.

And he added: “As it fell, it kind of faded, disintegrated and left a red trail in the sky.”

On social media the images of the phenomenon were replicated which surprised in the middle of the quiet afternoon of quarantine.

According to the description provided by the witness of the astronomical event, it would be a meteor, that is to say, a meteoroid that goes through the atmosphere and evaporates and which is usually known as a shooting star.

If it were reported that a fragment of the celestial body fell somewhere in the suburbs, it would instead be a meteorite.

Around the same time, Twitter users reported a similar phenomenon. This Thursday, a fireball flew over Spain at 82 thousand kilometers per hour.

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