A drug dealer from Ciudad Oculta received house arrest to take care of his children: he returned home and beat his wife

Lucio González Fretes, 41, born in Paraguay, was detained by the Federal Police’s Fugitive Search division at his home on the 31 block of Ciudad Oculta last Friday by order of the Federal Oral Court No. 2 of San Martín. The crime: gender violence, hitting his wife, who had denounced him hours earlier. It seems like a quick capture, a dramatic situation resolved in time express, when the courts can take a considerable time to order the arrest of an accused of sexist violence, but there is one detail. Fretes had broken the rules: ten days earlier, TOF No. 2 had granted him house arrest. The decision did not include possible coronavirus contact within the prison. The reasons for his release were other.

The man had been charged with the crime of drug sales, detained since November 19, 2018, still without trial or conviction. In his request, Fretes argued that “my family is going through a critical moment regarding the economic factor, the mother of my old children has been out of work for a few months now, and she has been the financial support since my arrest. My 16-year-old and 6-year-old children are having serious needs mainly in their food. “Due to these serious advantages, I ask you to consider granting me house arrest ”, he argued to the judges: “This way I could contain them and their mother can go out to work.”

He pointed out, among other factors, 20 years of relationship with his wife.

His defense stated in a brief: “Furthermore, compulsory social isolation is public and notorious, which imposes a restricted control that, together with the electronic bracelet, make the measure as effective as intramural prison ”. A juvenile counsel validated the order, the trial prosecutor’s office in the Fretes case refused.

According to TOF Decision No. 2, it was carved out a socioenvironmental reportl where the Fretes couple “expressed their desire to receive the accused and assume a role of guarantor in relation to him, since ‘This would result in a benefit for the family organization, and the deceased may be able to take care of their children’ and because ‘it would be of great help for the care of the youngest son whom he must leave under the responsibility of his 16-year-old brother when she goes to work.’ ” She said it herself: Alone she could not, a common reality in families broken by imprisonment.

Thus, he was released, after checking that he had no symptoms of covid-19. He was prohibited from leaving the home in Ciudad Oculta, as well as consuming alcohol or narcotics and submitting to the electronic anklet.

Ten days later, Fretes’s couple, 42, filed the complaint against him. The Federal found him standing outside his door.

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