A cowardly attack: he hit a pineapple to a grandmother who returned from shopping

Last Friday a grandmother had gone out in the afternoon to do the shopping. Nothing made him think that he would be the victim of a brutal assault by a man. The woman was walking down the sidewalk when she went rebuked and beaten.

The attack occurred in the neighborhood of Barracks, on Uspallata street at 800, and was recorded in the security cameras of a house. An outraged user shared the video on TN and The People.

In the images you can see that the woman was walking and a man in white pants stood next to her. At one point they stop and she tries to hit him with the hand that carries the shopping bag. It was there that the attacker He gave her a pineapple and threw her on the floor.

She lay there for a few seconds, touching her nose as if blood were flowing, until another man appeared, grabbing her arms and after sitting her down and dragging her across the floor helped her up. He put the purse he had dropped into his bag and motioned for him to continue on his way.

But the assailant came back and yelled at him until the woman turned and left. Valeria, the user of the citizen journalism portal that uploaded the video, said in her post that the men are residents of the neighborhood and live in the same building as the victim.

Another unexplained attack

On Tuesday, April 28, Daniel had gone out to shop at a supermarket near his home when he was the victim of a fierce and inexplicable attack: a stranger he broke a bottle in the back.

In the video you can see the victim dressed in a green jacket. In his right hand he carried a bag with the products he had bought minutes ago and a white chinstrap. He walks calmly along the sidewalk but, without realizing it, was followed by the attacker who had a hood and a jacket over his head.

When he turned the corner, he advanced a few meters and without more crashed a bottle against back: victim stumbled and fell. The attacker crossed the street and escaped through a broken wire fence that is on the Perito Moreno Highway.

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