A couple violated the quarantine and went to a temporary shelter in Bernal

Despite the restrictions imposed by a decree issued by President Alberto Fernández to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a couple went this morning to a transitional shelter from the town of Bernal, south of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

Not only they violated the quarantine but they defied the rain and approached the “Hotel Zapiola”, which is closed to the public. The security camera recorded the sequence and a user of TN and The People He shared the video on the citizen journalism portal.

The young couple approached the window where the employee was and asked for a room, but in response they received a “do not” resounding. Far from leaving, they continued insisting.

From what you can hear the boy offered to pay him double, to which the employee replied: “No, not even if you pay me triple.”

“It is a commitment, the police just passed. They cannot enter today and until all this problem is over,” the worker told them. The user said that minutes before also A couple had approached in a vehicle, who were prohibited from entering.

Detained in a temporary shelter

But Bernal’s couple was not the only one who tried to seek intimacy in times of isolation. In Balvanera, a The premises were still open despite the quarantine, so the police closed it. In addition, in the operation he was kidnapped ketamine and crystal.

Of the total number of detainees, five are of Chinese nationality, two Uruguayans, one Paraguayan, one Dominican and four Argentines, Among them, three hotel employees.

The procedure was carried out by members of the Communal Police Station 3 at the accommodation hotel “Mansión Lirio”, located on Calle Presidente Perón 3131, 300 meters from Once Station.

Written by Argentina News

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