A campaign that demonstrates the inequality of women in society

Each year, the arrival of March 8 on the calendar it becomes more special. The International Women’s Day it became a date when the messages went from being mere greetings to becoming campaigns of empowerment and visibility of all the injustices that surround them.

In this context, YPF launched a campaign that seeks to convey that this day should be used to reflect on the inequalities that are still rooted in the structure of society.

The four pillars of communication on which the message is based are: happy day is going to be when there is no more violence against women, when men and women win the same, when they share household chores and when there are more women in positions of leadership.

This initiative is part of the work that YPF has been developing internally for more than two years, through a diversity committee, made up of women and men of the company who are dedicated to promoting and implementing actions that encourage plurality.

“Gender equity is a process of continuous learning and interpellation. YPF is a diverse company in many ways: different generations, ideas, experiences, knowledge and contexts. That is why it seems important to us that everyone feels represented and can join this path. Our main objective is that each action impacts people in a real way, that change is lived and naturalized in our culture, ”he says. Poly Argento, YPF Diversity Leader.

The topic discussed transcends the company, so the messages address issues that go beyond the world of work. Gender equity is essential to achieve a more just society.

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