A bishop close to the Pope said that it is “inevitable to revive the economy even if there are contagions”

The Archbishop of La Plata, Víctor Manuel “Tucho” Fernández, close to Pope Francis, expressed the need to begin open the economy so that the degree of impact on Argentine society is as less serious as possible. Thus, he established a position in the public debate that has been generated in recent days on the path that the national government is following with regard to measures to face the pandemic.

“We come from what happened in Italy and Spain. No one wanted to repeat that situation. The old men had their respirators removed and they died asphyxiated because they were not enough. Going to a collapsed health system was the worst case scenario and there is no economy that can solve it because even if you have money, There is no time to resolve it, ”said the priest.

In dialogue with the program Todo No Se, which is broadcast on the radio LA CIELO 103.5, assured that “what has been done so far is what should be done”, but that“It has been a long time and obviously the economy can suffer in such a way that the consequences are very serious”.

Concerned about the impact that the fall in economic activity will generate in the most vulnerable sectors of society and in the middle class, the Azorbispo warned: “What you have to think now, with great intelligence, how it is reactivated. But it is inevitable to do it even if there are infections ”.

“We know that infections are going to increase, but we understand that with what has been achieved we are not going to overflow the health system and it will be controllable”, Fernández affirmed, while stressing that “now is the time to find a balance point that, with the data that the Government has, will have to search for it intelligently.”

During another section of the interview, Fernández referred to the growth of infections in the towns of Capital Federal and the province of Buenos Aires. “Lor what happens in the villas of Buenos Aires is dramatic. Somehow, predictable. We all knew that the conditions were met for the contagion to be greater there ”he highlighted.

The archbishop maintained that “there were a series of actions that required long-term work” in the villages, but that could not be done. “So many people living in a neighborhood full of very small houses, with little space, little open air and so many negative conditions, it does not change in a few days,” he said.

Furthermore, regarding the possibility that families living in the most humble neighborhoods have to comply with the quarantine, he said that “it becomes unbearable to spend two months in a small room for eight people. And he added: “It is understandable. A person is asked too much to endure two months under these conditions. “

“Inequality has been growing. Concentration in a few. In Chile, the social explosion that occurred last year has nothing to do with a country that did not grow, but with a country that grew with inequality. Inequality is growing and it is a big problem in our world ”, he highlighted.

Along the same lines, Fernández maintained that “in the last decades many countries have made an adjustment, repeating prescriptions, particularly in the health area” and assured that “those adjustments, which dismantled the health system, now expose the consequences. ”“ Only now do they realize that this course did not work, ”he said.

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