86 new infected confirmed and there are almost 400

Of those confirmed, 41 correspond to people with a history of travel to areas with community transmission and 20 of close contact of positive cases

Two people died and 86 were diagnosed this Tuesday with coronavirus, with a total of six fatalities and 387 those infected in Argentina since the start of the pandemic, reported the National Ministry of Health.

Of those confirmed, 30 are from the City of Buenos Aires, 30 from the province of Buenos Aires, 7 from Córdoba, 9 from Chaco, 4 from Tierra del Fuego, 3 from Santa Fe, 1 from La Pampa, 1 from Neuquén, and 1 from Santa Cruz.

Regarding origin, 41 correspond to people with a history of travel to areas with community transmission, while 20 are close contacts of confirmed cases, and 25 are under investigation to determine the epidemiological history.

In addition, and as reported by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday in its morning report and without taking into account the new 86 cases, 39.5% of infected people are women and 60.5% men; while 6 cases were registered in children under 14 years, 237 between 15 and 59 years; and 57 in those over 60.

It was also indicated that 1,453 negative cases per laboratory were found in Argentina so far and 1,242 were discarded by epidemiological investigation.

As for the two people who died during this day, they were a 71-year-old man in Mar del Plata and another 53-year-old in Resistencia, so there are already six people who died in the country due to the disease that was declared a pandemic 13 days ago by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The first death, that of the 71-year-old man, was confirmed by the mayor of Mar del Plata, Guillermo Montenegro, who reported that the man had been hospitalized for two weeks at the 25 de Mayo Clinic and died this Tuesday at 12:44 .

The vthe victim, identified as Federico José Bensadon, had returned from Spain and arrived in the spa town on March 9 in a bus from the Tienda León company.

A friend of his went to look for him at the terminal of that company and took him to the clinic due to the symptoms he had, and after the tests were carried out, he was isolated.
Three days later, the Malbrán Institute confirmed that it was a case of coronavirus.

The 25 de Mayo Clinic issued a statement with the signature of its co-Medical Director, Mariano Eduardo Paoletti, in which he confirmed the man’s death: “The patient who was attending the 14th day of hospitalization, 12th day of respiratory care in the Unit of Intensive Care, in the context of respiratory distress secondary to bilateral pneumonia due to Covid-19 “.

In addition, the institution indicated that the patient maintained a persistent feverish picture and died at 12:44 on Tuesday, after multiple organ failure.

This Tuesday, a new person infected with the virus was released in that city: it is a 26-year-old man who returned from the United States and remains hospitalized and isolated in the Private Community Hospital.

In Mar del Plata there are three confirmed patients with the virus: the 26-year-old man and two other men, ages 51 and 66.

Meanwhile, eThe second deceased today by coronavirus in the country is a 53-year-old lawyer from Resistencia, Chaco, who has been in a private health institution since March 14.

According to the doctor-therapist Adrián Bravo, from the Femechaco Salud Clinic, where the lawyer was hospitalized, he contracted the infection through a patient who had been confirmed with coronavirus and who had traveled to Spain.

In addition, the doctor commented that the patient, identified as Ariel Guido Benvenutti, had no history of comorbidities, and that he started with the symptoms of general malaise, headache, abdominal pain, high fever, sore throat, the past between 7 and 8 March, and that only on March 14 his picture worsened and he was admitted.

The medical therapist said that Benvenutti arrived at the clinic in a serious condition and that the day after he entered, that is, on Sunday the 15th, he was put on a respirator and remained with it until this Tuesday, when he died after 1:00 p.m.

So far, in Chaco there are 32 officially confirmed cases of coronavirus, of which two people died, and since Monday it is one of the provinces incorporated into the Covid-19 test, in the Immunology laboratory of the Perrando Hospital.

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