6 reds perfect not to get bored

At a time when they recommend staying home, having a good wine can be a good plan. Elisabeth Checa suggests which labels to try

They are complex moments, in Argentina and in the world. Gathering with friends or going out for lunch or dinner, for example, is a plan that experts don’t recommend. The hashtag #I stay at home which is a trend is proof of this.

Therefore, we ask the renowned journalist Elisabeth Checa to recommend six wines reds perfect to have at home (many of the list can even be bought online) and they are included in the 2020 edition of their guide which, at this point, is a classic: “The Good Argentine Wines

Through its 272 pages, the expert recommends 356 wines and 38 sparkling wines, after a demanding tasting process of almost 630 labels from some 119 wineries.

“Wine is their circumstance: some of the pleasure of the moment seeps into the flavor,” says Checa. “It is a glory and a mystery … and I love to communicate it without secrecy,” he stresses, true to his style.

The interesting thing about this guide (which is already available in bookstores at $ 980) is that it reflects the trends, evolution and journey of Argentine winemaking through the eyes of its author.

In addition, it is practical, agile and enjoyable and is intended as a purchase tool to guide the reader’s search taking into account preferences. For this reason (and this is an important point), the Good Argentine Wines do not have scores, but rather appreciations and suggestions.

Yes now, six rich red wines to have at home and think of something other than quarantine.

Los Cardones Tigerstone Garnacha 2017 – Estancia Los Cardones Winery

Red wines to enjoy at home: Los Cardones Tigerstone Garnacha

Bright light ruby ​​and translucent color. Vital, easy, goes straight to the mouth and to the heart. With herbal aromas non sanctas. Delicious with raw ham and olive on homemade bread.

Alta Vista Atemporal 2015 – Altavista Winery

Red wines to enjoy at home: Alta Vista Atemporal

Blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot de Vista Flores and Valle de Uco. Of compact aromas, with good black fruit. Voluptuous and with incipient tannins, there are hints of lactic acid, but it shows that they are integrating. It has a very good freshness, with pleasant spices and subtle smoked notes. A complete blend that has more to give.

Colonia Las Liebres Malbec Reserve – Altos Las Hormigas Winery

Red wines to enjoy at home: Colonia Las Liebres Malbec Reserva

It has nice and expressive aromas, with notes of red fruit. A young wine character, biting, very red and somewhat warm, with a smooth drink, but with somewhat firm tannins. There are cement textures, with a friendly body. Well thought out for the table. Perfect for spinach bolognese ravioli.

Maximum Height Malbec 2016 – Bodega Colomé

Red wines to enjoy at home: Altura Maxima Malbec

For some international critics it was the best Argentine wine a few years ago, a great prize for the difficulties involved in harvesting at more than 3,000 meters above sea level. Expressive aromas, with slight notes of red fruit and spices. Good volume and freshness, with herbal hints that speak of the place. Firm and ripe tannins and a refreshing herbal finish that lifts and adds depth. Amazing. To accompany a locro, nothing better.

Catalpa Pinot Noir 2017 – Bodega Atamisque

Red wines to enjoy at home: Catalpa Pinot Noir

With fresh and subtle aromas, with a slight fruity character. Austere and open-hearted, voluptuous, with strength and presence. Good body, long drink and well defined fruit, with slight preserves at the end. It is very good for the table because of its typicity and structure, without this meaning concentration.

Cadus Signature Criolla Grande 2018 – Cadus Wines Winery

Red wines to enjoy at home: Cadus Criolla Grande

Red with a weak appearance and balanced aromas, but without strength. With good volume, frank and fruity, with slight rustic notes due to its textures. Its final flavors are somewhat dry, like broom. It lacks the vibrant character of its predecessor, but it is long on the palate and has the grace of the varietal. Absolutely versatile, good in summer for roasts in the sun.

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