3,200 DETAINED in the country for violating the QUARANTINE

Federal and provincial security forces monitor compliance with mandatory quarantine. The most unusual cases

Federal and provincial security forces across the country detained more than 3,200 people who violated the mandatory coronavirus quarantine., among them 44 young people who were participating in a picnic, six people who were returning in a bus from Brazil and tried to deceive the police and three motorists who were running bites.

The Ministry of National Security reported that 645 people were detained by the National Gendarmerie, 48 by the Federal Police, 29 by the Airport Security Police (PSA) and 6 by the Naval Prefecture.

These arrests were made mostly during checks carried out on national routes and border crossings.

In addition, the City Police today made 15 new arrests of people who violated mandatory quarantine, including a 47-year-old man who was delayed two days in a row on Corrientes Avenue and Florida; a young man who was selling pillows in Constitución and who did not want to go home; and a Venezuelan citizen who came from Chile and did not accept the isolation.

Meanwhile, the Police of the province of Buenos Aires reinforced the operations with personnel from the Cavalry and Infantry Corps, and Special Forces (Immediate Operations Tactical Unit, Departmental Support Group, Halcón), more effective from the Motorized Prevention Group (GPM ).

Sources of the provincial Security Ministry assured Télam that so far 730 infractions were registered, which were delayed for not complying with the quarantine.

The detail of the operations in the provinces

The Santa Fe Ministry of Security reported 306 people apprehended yesterday – when compulsory isolation began to prevail – and this morning throughout the province.

The most striking case occurred in the city of San Lorenzo, located 35 kilometers north of Rosario, where 44 people were arrested, including seven minors, who were participating in a picnic on the Paraná river coast, in a public space.

Also, in the early hours of today fA clandestine casino with four clients in the west of Rosario was destroyed.

Police sources indicated that the place was raided this morning and 20 computers connected to the same server that were used to make illegal bets were kidnapped.

An older man, who claimed to reside at that address but not be the owner of the house, was detained for gambling and prohibited betting, while the four men were charged with violating the rules of mandatory social isolation,

Six other people were also detained in Rosario, at the local Bus Terminal when they returned in two buses from Brazil, but they tried to deceive the authorities that they were coming from Mar del Plata to avoid the 14-day quarantine.

In Entre Ríos, 41 people were detained19 of them in the city of Gualeguaychú, 6 in Paraná and the rest in the provincial interior, officially reported.

In Tucumán, 240 people were delayed (in addition to 90 others that were apprehended yesterday) and a judicial summary was initiated for failing to comply with the total quarantine, after which the Special Prosecutor for Complex Crimes, in charge of the prosecutor Mariana Rivadeneira, was intervened.

In Río Negro there were 34 detainees, four in San Carlos de Bariloche, including three motorists who were swooping aboard their private vehicles near the local cemetery.

In Misiones, 136 people were delayed in different procedures and in San Luis, 173 citizens were arrested on public roads.

Meanwhile, in Bahía Blanca 31 people were apprehended from 22:20 last night to 6 today for not respecting the mandatory isolation.

In Córdoba there were already about 320 detainees, including two Germans who had been at large since Tuesday after escaping from a hotel where they were staying.

These foreign nationals were discovered on their way to Ezeiza International Airport, and have therefore already been expelled from the country, judicial sources said.

In Mendoza, since the beginning of the quarantine, 171 people have already been detained and imputed for the breach of the decree that orders the isolation.

At the same time, in La Pampa 307 people were arrested197 of them in General Pico and 95 in Santa Rosa, and another 20 were notified for breaching the mandatory isolation.

On the other hand, the Buenos Aires MPF published today that between this midnight and the morning it received 331 complaints on its communication channels, of which 165 were for violation of the measures against the coronavirus pandemic, 160 for resistance or disobedience to authority and 6 for both situations, while yesterday there were a total of 253 alerts.

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