20 injured in Russian strike on residential area near Dnipro / France News

Cover image: On May 26, the city of Dnipro in Ukraine was hit by a Russian strike. Saturday evening, it was in Pidhorodne, near Dnipro, that buildings were targeted. State Emergency Service of Ukraine / AP

  • A Russian strike on Saturday hit a residential area of ​​Pidhorodne, near Dnipro in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, injuring 20 people, including five children, local governor Serhi Lyssak said. According to emergency services, two buildings caught fire after being hit, trapping people in the rubble.
  • Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, on Saturday categorically rejected the peace plan between Ukraine and Russia proposed by Indonesia. “It looks like a Russian plan, not an Indonesian plan”did he declare. “We don’t need this mediator to come to us [avec] this strange planhe added.
  • New bombardments on the Russian region of Belgorod, bordering Ukraine, on Saturday left at least two dead and two injured. The attacks of the previous day have left at least five dead, the governor of the region reported on Saturday morning. The latest toll reported four deaths.
  • The boss of the paramilitary group Wagner assured Saturday that he was ready to send his units to defend the Russian region of Belgorod. “If the Ministry of Defense [russe] don’t stop what is happening in the Belgorod region (…) where Russian territories are in fact being captured, then obviously we will arrive”said Yevgeny Prigozhin.
  • According to British intelligence “the entire Russian force is likely to be less flexible in reacting to operational challenges” waiting for him in Bakhmout where Wagner’s men gave way to the regular army. The British Ministry of Defense believes that the Russian Airborne Forces (VDV) are “very degraded compared to their “elite” status before the invasion” of Ukraine by Russia.
  • The counter-offensive to recover the areas captured by Russian forces in Ukraine is ready to be launchedassured the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. “I don’t know how long it will take. To be honest, things can play out in different ways. But we’re going to do it and we’re ready.”, he argued in an interview with Wall Street Journal.

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