117 other cases were confirmed and 502 people are already infected

Most of the cases are concentrated in the province of Buenos Aires and in the City. A large number of infections have already occurred in the indigenous field

Another 117 cases of patients with coronavirus were confirmed this Wednesday in the country and there are already 502 infected with the virus and eight deceased, as reported by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

Of the total number of patients confirmed this Wednesday, 21 of those infected are from the City of Buenos Aires, 30 from the province of Buenos Aires, 15 from Córdoba, 12 from Chaco, 22 from Santa Fe, 1 from Tierra del Fuego, 1 from Neuquén , 2 from Tucumán, 3 from Entre Ríos, 4 from San Luis, 1 from Mendoza, and 5 from Santa Cruz.

Of the 117 cases confirmed this Wednesday, three correspond to people with a history of travel to areas with community transmission, while 18 are close contacts of confirmed cases, and 96 are under investigation to determine the epidemiological history.

In total there are 502 cases, as explained in the report, because two cases that had been reported this Tuesday were reclassified and no longer formed part of the total.

More arrested for quarantine

More than 3,400 people were arrested and more than 84,000 delayed or notified since last Friday across the country for violating the mandatory quarantine, according to procedures carried out by federal security forces and the City Police.

In that sense, according to official data, until this Wednesday afternoon there were 3,410 detainees in total, of which 3,188 correspond to federal forces (Federal Police, National Gendarmerie, Naval Prefecture and Airport Security Police) and 222 to the Buenos Aires force.

Likewise, there are 84,118 notified or delayed for violating the quarantine sanctioned by President Alberto Fernández since last Thursday night, of which 83,304 are from federal forces and 814 from the City.

In addition, 130,246 automobiles were controlled by the four forces that depend on the Ministry of National Security and 3,410 from the Buenos Aires Justice and Security portfolio, making a total of 149,649, of which 775 (720 Nation and 55 City) were kidnapped.

In relation to national forces, the Federal Police notified 19,477 people, arrested 214, controlled 7,576, and kidnapped 13 of them.

The Gendarmerie notified 13,359 people, arrested 486, controlled 9,917 vehicles, and seized 72 of them.

The Naval Prefecture notified 7,731 people, arrested 243, controlled 5,211 cars and kidnapped 26 of them.

And the Airport Security Police (PSA) notified 1,391 people who violated the quarantine, arrested 19, controlled 1,211 vehicles and seized two of them.

On the other hand, this Wednesday (until 17:00) there were 111 controls arranged at the access points to the City.

Since last Friday in this district there were 222 people detained and 814 delayed, notified or transferred to their home, out of a total of 32,540 controlled citizens.

Likewise, there were 19,403 cars and 3,092 controlled motorcycles, of which 55 were kidnapped.

7,526 calls to 147 were also registered, since Monday, March 16, to report cases of quarantine violation, while the federal justice system and the Buenos Aires Prosecutor’s Office have started 2,506 cases since that date.

Finally, from March 13 to the present, 1,294 premises were inspected, of which 15 were closed (two dance clubs and 13 bars).

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